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JDFC Episode 7: For the Culture

You all have been introduced to Professor Joseph, but this episode introduces you to journalist Joseph. What did he see when he was at FanFest? Did he get to ask the namesake of our podcast a question?

How important is a culture change to a winning ball club? From the linked Seattle Times article by Ryan Divish:

“It didn’t matter if it was general manager Jerry Dipoto, manager Scott Servais or director of player development Andy McKay, or even holdovers such as assistant general manager Jeff Kingston and director of scouting Tom Allison. They share a belief that better and more consistent communication will lead to a culture change within the organization and success on the field.”

Joseph Victor and I discuss this topic after last week’s Mariners media day and FanFest. There is also a tribute to departed Mariner Dae-Ho Lee, which fans of Joseph’s musical talent will certainly not want to miss.


Also, here is the Jean Segura article that I was thinking of around the 9-minute-mark of the podcast:


JDFC Episode 6 Part 1: Celebrating Edgar Martinez

Joseph and Tyler pay their respects to Andy Marte and Yordano Ventura, two young MLB players who died tragically last Sunday in separate car accidents in the Dominican Republic. Then Joseph and Tyler discuss why the tremendous career of Edgar Martinez deserves an eventual Hall of Fame induction and why he is such a beloved figure in Mariners history.


Here is the link to the video of Christian Colon and Danny Duffy at Kaufmann Stadium hugging Royals fans on Sunday:

Here are just a few (of many) links to some excellent writing about Yordano Ventura:

From Sam Mellinger of The Kansas City Star

From Michael Baumann of The Ringer

From Jeff Passan of Yahoo

From Vahe Gregorian of The Kansas City Star

And here is the link from the Mariners PR department to accompany the announcement on Tuesday that Edgar Martinez would have his Number 11 retired:

JDFC Episode 5: Who can build the best rotation in the (AL) West?

I am joined, as always, by Joseph Victor for the fifth episode of the Jerry Dipoto podcast. We discuss the Drew Smyly acquisition and its impact on the Mariners rotation and 2017 outlook as a whole, and then we dive into a fun competition: Who can draft the best AL West rotation?

Joseph and I used the depth charts from to assign dollar values to each starter on each AL West team. We each had exactly $15 to spend, and whichever rotation ends the year with more Fangraphs WAR wins a prize of some sort. Probably a six pack of beer from Georgetown Brewing, considering we both selected a different Georgetown IPA for the recording of this podcast. I swear we are not sponsored by Georgetown. But hey, Georgetown, what say you?

If you want to play the AL West Rotation Draft game, this is the spreadsheet that we used to set the prices for each starting pitcher.


Here are the results of our draft (takes place from 24:26-36:55):

Round Joseph ($, projected fWAR scaled to 180 IP) Tyler ($, projected fWAR scaled to 180 IP)
1 Drew Smyly ($2, 2.6) Lance McCullers ($2, 3.6)
2 Cole Hamels ($4, 3.4) James Paxton ($3, 3.4)
3 Jharel Cotton ($1, 2.9) Yu Darvish ($5, 4.5)
4 Felix Hernandez ($5, 3.0) Matt Shoemaker ($3, 3.1)
5 Tyson Ross ($3, 2.9) Andrew Triggs ($2, 1.9)
2016 Cumulative fWAR 6.8 12.5
2017 Projected (Steamer) fWAR 14.8 15.5

Let us know if you give the AL West draft a try. Follow us on twitter @joeyvictor24 and @tylerbradley9. Spread the JDFC word.

Most importantly, Go M’s.

Episode Synopsis

1:50: Jeremy Hutton Birthday shout-out

4:07: Professor Joseph asks a question that is nearly impossible to answer

6:32: A post relevant to the Professor Joseph question

7:25: We discuss the Drew Smyly acquisition and the new outlook for the Mariners rotation

15:02: How do we feel about the players Jerry traded away? Potential Regret?

18:15: A post relevant to the Smyly conversation

19:01: A competition between Jerry Dipoto’s two biggest fans

20:25: An explanation of the competition

23:50: Rules of the Competition

24:51: Joseph’s first selection

25:54: Tyler’s first selection

32:43: I had to refill my drink

33:15: Carlos Pegeuro reference? The game in question.

35:40: Joseph’s last pick

37:20: Tyler’s last pick

38:15: Relevant article to the discussion

39:31: We realize Joseph broke the rules and should therefore be disqualified

40:25-46:05: After drafting from these rotations, what did we learn about the AL West rotation situation?

46:10: Mariners Bullpen Spelling Bee

48:25: We allow Joseph to tell a story about his muse, Mariners prospect Tyler O’Neill

51:20: Based on Steamer Projections, which one of our drafted rotations is projected to win? Joseph is technically projected to lose. Joseph subsequently spits on projections.

JDFC Episode 3: Do we like the Jean Segura trade?

Joseph and I discuss the Jean Segura-Taijuan Walker (plus some more interesting players) trade that happened on the eve of Thanksgiving, before saying goodbye to the M’s 2014 first round draft pick, Alex Jackson, who our beloved Jerry D also traded. Slow down Jerry!!

Joseph also references Jason Marquis and gets extra spicy in the second half of the episode? Was I able to pair with Joseph’s spiciness? The only way to find out is to listen and share with other interested friends, family, pets and ghosts of Christmas past.

JDFC Podcast Episode 2

Tyler and Joseph pour out a last call for an old Mariners pal before diving into a discussion about the most important players on the roster for the upcoming season not named Felix, Cano, Cruz and Seager. Plus, how many Rougned Odor’s are there?

Thank you all for listening and feel free to contact us on Facebook or Twitter. Spread the audio love with friends if you feel inclined. We appreciate the support.

Introducing the Jerry Dipoto Fan Club Podcast

Hot Stove season is here, and my friend Joseph and I wanted to record a podcast to discuss the M’s. We miss baseball season already.

How can the M’s improve their roster? Plug in your headphones or your neighborhood aux cord and see what you think.