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JDFC Episode 7: For the Culture

You all have been introduced to Professor Joseph, but this episode introduces you to journalist Joseph. What did he see when he was at FanFest? Did he get to ask the namesake of our podcast a question?

How important is a culture change to a winning ball club? From the linked Seattle Times article by Ryan Divish:

“It didn’t matter if it was general manager Jerry Dipoto, manager Scott Servais or director of player development Andy McKay, or even holdovers such as assistant general manager Jeff Kingston and director of scouting Tom Allison. They share a belief that better and more consistent communication will lead to a culture change within the organization and success on the field.”

Joseph Victor and I discuss this topic after last week’s Mariners media day and FanFest. There is also a tribute to departed Mariner Dae-Ho Lee, which fans of Joseph’s musical talent will certainly not want to miss.


Also, here is the Jean Segura article that I was thinking of around the 9-minute-mark of the podcast: