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11th Inning Podcast Episode 9: Be Bold

Joseph and Tyler explain the podcast name change before diving into some bold predictions for the upcoming 2017 season. Professor Joseph makes an appearance, and he also introduces a new challenge segment: Alternative Facts. As always, good beer is being enjoyed throughout the entire recording.

Podcast Rundown:

4:40 — We explain the new name for the podcast

6:40 — How is a prediction bold?

7:38 — Tyler’s Bold Prediction #1

14:50 — Joseph’s Bold Prediction #1 and Professor Joseph

30:32 — Tyler’s Bold Prediction #2

39:00 — Joseph’s Bold Prediction #2


49:30 — Jamie Moyer did end his career on the Rockies. Point for Tyler.

50:00 — Who led the 2010 Mariners in home runs? This answer hurt my soul.

52:00 — The last alternative fact includes the famous names of Jered Weaver, Jesus Sucre, Norichika Aoki, and Wily Mo Pena. How are they all connected?

55:55 — Joseph’s Bold Prediction #3

58:38 — Tyler’s Bold Prediction #3

1:01 — Joseph’s ridiculous final bold prediction

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