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Dear Readers,

Welcome to Sports Blog by Tyler. So…what is this blog about? Whether you are here because you are in one of my classes at school, or you just stumbled upon this blog somehow, I welcome you.

Now I know that all of you are on pins and needles, intensely waiting for me to explain what this blog is about. First, I implore you to click on my About page at the top of the blog for a brief introduction to who I am! I will wait a minute for you to do so. In the meantime, here is a lovely picture to enjoy.

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Photo Credit: G. Frank Peterson

Great, you’re back from my About page, thank you for obeying my request (At least pretend like you looked at it just to humor me. I realize that the majority of you probably just kept on reading, which is what I would have done, but come on)! Yes, this is a sports blog. Now you may be thinking to yourself, “Oh no, not another uninformed sports blog!” Well, I hope to show that I am not uninformed at all! Of course, I do have to prove myself, but this blog will be offering “expert” opinions, statistical analysis and random tangents that may or may not relate to sports at all. As I blog more frequently, my personal views on sports will become more apparent, and I hope that you find it invigorating, entertaining, mildly amusing or merely a blog that you can laugh at (For good or bad. Of course I prefer you to enjoy the blog, but people enjoy entertainment they condemn in America all the time! Speaking of which, Happy Anniversary to Rebecca Black!). One thing I do guarantee is that you will all learn a lot about Seattle sports and sports in general from a perspective of a college student and a lifelong sports geek.

The truth is, this blog cannot be as powerful as a REIGNMAN slam dunk without readers. Of course this presents a paradox, because I need to write well to attract readers. One of my blogging idols, Mark Titus (@clubtrillion), showed that a college kid could attract a large following with good writing, accompanied by sometimes inappropriate and inane humor. Over the next few weeks I will be blogging about a lot of college basketball and Spring Training baseball. After all, Spring Training is around the corner, and my second Christmas, or the more popular term “March Madness”, begins in less than a month. Needless to say, there will be a lot for me to write about. And do not  fear about me being a Seattle homer; my whole blog cannot be entirely devoted to my love for Dustin Ackley and Washington Basketball.

So, prepare yourselves for a blog that defies all the odds. Okay, maybe that is a little dramatic, but I hope you enjoy! If you know anybody that loves sports, Seattle or college tell them about Sports Blog by Tyler, or have them follow me on Twitter @tylerbradley9.


Tyler Bradley


Here is your major sports story/entertainment for the night. More on this Jeremy Lin character in the next couple of days. #Linsanity