11th Inning Podcast Episode 12: AL East/Central Preview Draft

Joseph and Tyler are at it again. Each gentleman previews the American League Central and East divisions by selecting a starting lineup and one starting pitcher.

There are two rules:

  1. Each AL Central and AL East team must have one representative on the final squads, just like in the All Star Game.
  2. Each position must have a player that will ostensibly play the majority of their games at that position. For example, you cannot select Miguel Cabrera and Jose Abreu and stick one of them in Left Field.

The final squads with Steamer WAR projections in parentheses:

Swag United ~eyeroll~ (Joseph)

C Gary Sanchez (4.0), Yankees

1B Jose Abreu (1.9), White Sox

2B Brian Dozier (3.1), Twins

3B Josh Donaldson (6.1), Blue Jays

SS Jose Iglesias (2.1), Tigers

LF Alex Gordon (1.9), Royals

CF Kevin Kiermaier (4.4), Rays

RF Mookie Betts (5.6), Red Sox

DH Edwin Encarnacion, (2.0), Cleveland

SP Kevin Gausman (3.4), Orioles

Total Projected Steamer WAR: 34.4

Vista Hills Bombers (Tyler)

C Russell Martin (2.5), Blue Jays

1B Greg Bird (1.8), Yankees

2B Brad Miller (2.1), Rays

3B Manny Machado (6.5), Orioles

SS Francisco Lindor (5.4), Cleveland

LF Justin Upton (2.1), Tigers

CF Lorenzo Cain (3.0), Royals

RF Max Kepler (1.6), Twins

DH Hanley Ramirez (1.6), Red Sox

SP Jose Quintana (4.0), White Sox

Total Projected Steamer WAR: 30.6

I like Joseph’s team much better, and so do the cumulative Steamer projections. But the best part about baseball is that predicting exactly what will happen is always a fools errand.

We also answer reader questions and discuss two of these ten teams that we believe will underachieve or overachieve relative to their Over/Under totals.

Follow the podcast on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/11thinningpod and on Twitter @The11thinning. Follow @tylerbradley9 and @joeyvictor24 if you are so inclined. We understand if there is no inclination.

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