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King Felix Decrees the Rays Shall Not Hit

Felix just threw a Perfect Game. I was there.

No, really, I was there! Here is a picture of the Safeco Field video screen and my ticket:

Do you believe me now? I bet some of you don’t believe me. Shame.

Seattle loves King Felix more than San Diego loves Ron Burgundy, and it’s not even close.

I love the Mariners about as much as one can love them (being a big fan results in health issues, such as depression and constant frustration. Distancing yourself from the Mariners is actually a healthy choice, but oh well, Sodo Mojo!). I am not going to say that I deserved to see this -because nobody deserves anything – but I am not not saying that either.

This is the first perfect game in Mariner history, and having it thrown by Felix at Safeco can’t be more perfect. Mariner fans are overprotective of Felix, and for good reason. We have analysts constantly shoving ill-conceived claims that he needs to be traded down our throats. I say ill-advised because a) big trades do not return a Felix-type value more often than not and b) FELIX IS OURS. Plus, having claims shoved down your throat is extremely uncomfortable and/or painful.

Watching Felix today was incredible. He threw 113 pitches, 77 for strikes. John Jaso told him to throw 24 curveballs. Felix decided to throw 20 of those for strikes, with 10 of them being whiffs. With his last 28 pitches, he threw 24 off-speed. When he fell behind 2-o to Sean Rodriguez with one out to go, he motioned to Jaso, basically saying, “I got this”. Yeah, he got it. He threw an unhittable slider on the outside corner — swing and miss. Two pitches later: perfection. I think we need a new word for filthy. Does Kingly work? I don’t know, but seeing that curve and the change and the slider in person made me almost feel bad for the Rays hitters. But then I slapped myself, because I have no pity for Rays hitters.

His changeup, as usual, was otherworldly. The speed of his last changeup was 92 mph. Are you kidding me? His fastball got faster as the game went on. Felix obviously wanted this more than anybody. The adrenaline was pumping.

The King’s Court was going crazy all game; this is because they are awesome. Once it reached the sixth inning though, the entire crowd believed. We had seen the King pitch well, but today there was something special in the air. Maybe it was because it was a perfect summer day. Maybe it was because Miguel Olivo was not playing. Whatever it was, Mariners fans don’t get this feeling very often, so when we realized it, we all collectively grasped it by its metaphorical horns and rode the crap out of it.

This perfect game has to be one of the most dominant in history. 12 strikeouts and not a single transcendent defensive play. Jaso had a tough play on a dribbler, and Thames had to run down a tough ball in the first inning, but that was it. He struck out six of his last seven batters. Do you think Felix wanted to announce his Cy Young candidacy? I guess his 2 hit shutout of the Yankees 11 days ago wasn’t clear enough. This was his fourth shutout of the season, he is second in WAR to Verlander…I’m just saying, it is not far-fetched.

As for today, this performance was a masterpiece. Mariners fans will cherish this forever. More importantly, Felix will cherish this forever. He more than deserves it. After the game, he dedicated it to the fans. TO US. Felix, we love you.

Something perfect happened to Seattle today. Felix showed why being a Mariners fan can be great, and today was the icing on the cake of what has so far been a career worthy of a king. I was there today, and let me tell you, the icing tasted damn good.