My Linfield Freshman Portfolio

My first semester of college is over. It seems to have passed by just as fast as the credibility of the Clippers in this years playoffs (and let me tell you, that is fast).

A reflection piece about my first year of college may be necessary, but this post is for a different reason.

For my Media Writing class, I have built a writing portfolio over the semester, and the PDF file on this blog post is this very portfolio I speak of. We wrote practice news stories, a mapped story about a school event, broadcast scripts, ideas for future blog post optimization, a press release, a query letter and a resume (yes, I am open to being hired…so take a look at the resume…call me, maybe?).

Along with all of these assignments, I have been required to write some of the blog posts on this site for class, including the Leonard Pitts post and the Miguel Olivo post. My final assignment for this class was to write a profile story on a subject related to my blog! You can find the profile story in the PDF file, or READ IT HERE.

My profile subject is Jerry Gray, a former semi-pro baseball player and college football player. After experiencing many ups and downs in his sports career, he helped me chronicle his path to a successful career as a financial planner in Arizona. Jerry is someone who we can all learn something from, whether it be how to carry yourself, how to pick yourself up when you are down or how to treat people the right way.

I hope you enjoy the story. It was one of the hardest pieces I’ve ever had to write (no, I am not looking for your pity. But if you want to give me some that is fine too!), and hopefully I will be able to write more profile stories in the future.

Thanks for reading my blog during this school year, and I will continue writing throughout the summer. It will probably document the struggles of the Mariners, the European soccer championships or whatever I think is the most interesting. No matter what I write about, my freshman year has been wonderful, and hopefully this portfolio is just the beginning of something in my future.

Media Writing Class Portfolio

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