I missed Seattle.

I love my school, but I love Seattle with a passion. I came home last night for Spring Break and basked in the glow of a beautiful spring day. I drank coffee, went to Ivars and sat on a pier looking out at Puget Sound. As an added bonus, I also made it home just in time to go to the Seattle Sounders game.

Soccer has exploded in the Northwest. Want some evidence? Let us look at the Sounders game from last night.

Sounder ’til I Die

Just like I love Seattle, Seattleites love their Sounders. The Sounders have led Major League Soccer (MLS) in attendance during every year of the team’s existence, and the attendance last night was a typical sold out affair (38, 304 total). Much to the delight of these fans, the Sounders won their second game of the season 2-0.

For those who have never been to a Sounders game, they are missing out! Not only do the fans cheer on the team throughout the game, the players respond with good play and appreciation for the fans. One of the reasons this Sounders team is successful year after year is because of its home field advantage. The Sounders have an exceptional record at home as they enter their fourth year of existence: 24 wins, 10 losses and 13 ties.

Pictures and videos do not show the extent of the passion, but they do give a glimpse of the tremendous crowd. The most loyal supporters march to the field one hour before game time, and the pre-match ritual as the players walk onto the field is one of the coolest parts of the event.

Scarves Up

One of the slogans for the Sounders is “Scarves Up!” As I stood in the stands, just as the game was about to begin, I looked at all of my fellow Sounders fans. Everyone was holding up a scarf and cheering at the top of their lungs. I love coffee, and Ivars and a nice sunny day in Seattle, but the camaraderie among the fans at a Sounders game was easily the best part about my first day back in Seattle.

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