Chris Hansen, NBA back in Seattle?!

When the Sonics left Seattle, the city lost a part of itself. The fact that the team has become one of the top teams in the NBA with two All-Stars in Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook? Well, quite honestly, it causes me and many people from Seattle to curse the names of David Stern and Howard Schultz with fury each and every day. Every single person who follows sports to some degree knows that the Mariners have never won a World Series and that the Seahawks got screwed by the refs in Super Bowl XL (Bill Leavy will forever be a Seattle pariah). As great as the Sounders are, an American city is defined by its sports titles in Pro football, baseball, and basketball.

Most of my blog posts will be on the subject of NCAA basketball and Baseball (Instead of writing my essay for my history class this afternoon, I spent four hours preparing for my Fantasy Baseball Draft. Feel free to judge me, I deserve it.), but this developing story about a potential NBA arena in Seattle has me procrastinating my homework tonight even more than i had anticipated.

According to the Seattle TimesMayor Mike McGinn will be having a press conference tomorrow at 2 p.m. to announce a proposal for an arena in Seattle. The major brains and financial backing for the proposal comes from a wealthy San Francisco businessman (hedge-fund manager) by the name of Chris Hansen. This story has been in the works for over a week now, but the possibility now does not seem like a pipe-dream. Mitch Levy of 950 KJR radio in Seattle has been reporting excellent information about the press conference all night if you want more details on the rumors of the proposal.

Seattle fans do need to temper their enthusiasm for the moment. After all, a team will need to be uprooted from its home just as the Sonics were almost four years ago. I would hate to see a city endure what Seattle had to go through, even if the team was coming to my hometown. Seattle Times columnist Steve Kelley does a good job of justifying a move to Seattle for the Kings, but I still have that lingering feeling of hypocrisy.

But the article on Chris Hansen by the Seattle Times made me forget the hypocrisy. Sure, we should be sympathetic to Sacramento, but Hansen’s hometown pride and his longing for a Seattle championship speaks to the heart of all Seattle sports fans, and all I can think about is having an NBA team that I can once again call my own. The proposal, if the information in the Seattle Times is true, seems to outline a plan that the entire city could easily support. It is time to bring the NBA back to Seattle, and maybe we can forget about Durant, Westbrook and the Thunder. Bring the NBA back to Seattle, and the city can patch itself together again.

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